iDate London.

We have something to look forward to.  Some of you may remember my discussing iDate in Vegas earlier this year.  iDate runs 3 conferences a year.  The next one is in London from October 14th to 16th.  Once again I’m speaking, and this time the subject will be webcam blackmail.  You can see the agenda page at

This year, there’ll be three people talking about online scams: myself at 3:30, Monica Whitty from the University of Leicester at 4:00 and then Dave Wiseman from Scamalytics at 4:30.  The other converences I’ve attended (Germany last year and Vegas earlier this year) have been really interesting, educational and a great way to both get our name and message out as well as make some very good contacts in the dating industry.

That however isn’t the best part of it personally.  For the first time, three of the volunteers from the site will be able to meet up in person.  Slaphappy has met Big Al, I’ve met Firefly, but in London FF and I will also have the chance to meet Big Al who’s flying in from the USA.  Couple days of sightseeing, then off to London for the conference.  If things work out, then I’ll also be at the Miami iDate in January next year and I’m hoping to get to meet Slappy for the first time there.  After the event I’ll share stories about it,  with none about having to fly this time.