iDate 2015 London

A week has passed since iDate, so I really should do some sort of a write up about it.

Our trip actually started on the 9th of October when Firefly, Big Al and myself met, along with my wife and several members of BA’s family.  As I’ve said in the past, I’m not much for flying so picking up Firefly was the first time I’ve ever been in Gatwick airport.  We spent a few days in a small B+B called Little Foxes, a few miles away from the airport that turned out to be a really great place and a great place for a base of operations.  We were there for four days and had an absolute blast, just chilling out and visiting various places.  Brighton was nice, but VERY expensive.  Eastbourne was similar to Brighton, but a much more enjoyable experience.  We’d originally intended to go to Hastings, but changed our minds at the last minute.  A wise choice I think as we all thoroughly enjoyed that day.  The next day was Crawley.  That was a great day, and my chance to show those who’d flown into the UK what a “full English” breakfast was like.  Our 4th day was in Horsham.  First impressions were that it was really expensive.  A lot of higher end shops, but we managed to find a few places to both shop and eat that didn’t cost the Earth.  The nights were spent either working on the site, or chilling with a few beers and stand up DVDs.  Or working on the site AND chilling with a few beers.  The owner actually told us a few stories of her encounters with scammers and seemed genuinely interested in what we do.  Those first few days were for us to unwind, spend some time together and actually have a bit of a holiday.  I think I can safely say we achieved that.  It’s a place I’d definitely consider staying at again.

In the next blog entry I’ll talk about our adventure into London, road rage and stupid sat nav directions.