HTTP not so S

We’re often told that if a site starts with HTTPS then it’s secure, but what does that actually mean? In its simplest form, all it really means is that anything you share there, such as information on a form, is protected from being seen or altered by any third parties (think bad guys) on its way to the site. It stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTP is the same, except for the Secure part. One of my sons has recently created a website that I helped set up with him for his non computer related hobby. It’s on a cheap shared hosting plan and has practically no content right now. Before any content was even added to the site, I went in and changed it to HTTPS in the settings menu. Let me explain this again to you. A brand new site with no content shows up as https://www. and the name of the site. People are often told that the S in HTTPS stands for secure, and indeed it does. It does NOT however mean that the site is legitimate. I own a site with an utterly ridiculous name that I have just for the comedy value of being able to use an email address with its name in it. It has no content at all, but it’s also HTTPS. Don’t be fooled into thinking a site that starts with HTTPS is safe. It could still be used for scamming purposes. Always do your research when buying anything online before parting with a single cent. Check the site is legitimate by doing things such as checking how long it’s been around, what the online reviews are like etc. If you’re still unsure, then you can of course ask us about it and we’ll help the best we can. Just remember that the S doesn’t stand for “safe” or “scam free”.