Busy, busy, busy.

As I was saying in an earlier blog post, there’s lots happening right now.  On Thursday last week, we were featured (and featured quite heavily I should say) on a program on Danish TV about sextortion.  You can find the link on our site’s main page.  The day before I had a meeting about a program about sextortion down the line.  It was mainly discussing ideas and so on for how the scam can be shown while still keeping the person safe.  Yesterday I had a meet with Folami from voic.org.uk  about ways to better work together.  Folami’s site is dedicated to helping the victims of revenge porn, which is related to what we do on our site.  She also does this for free, the same as us.  Tomorrow I’m being interviewed for the BBC, and hopefully on Friday the item we were interviewed for about romance scams back last month will be shown on the BBC too.  On top of that, I had a meeting with a government agency last week, again about sextortion.  In between those, working on the site and trying to fit sleep in, it’s been a really busy few weeks that look to get even busier.  Once the BBC items go out, I’m fully expecting more media requests as always happens.  On an extra note, a pretty special anniversary is almost upon me, but more of that at a later date.