Sooner or later all of us in the Anti-scam community will suffer from burn-out at some level. For those who do not work in the Anti-scam community think of what we do as a second job. One that you never get paid for in money but only in the satisfaction of doing the right thing. I have worked more than one 8 hour night after working my real life job during the day doing Anti-scam activities. It can be fun posting Scammer information and doing whatever I can to hurt the scammers and help victims find out that they are being scammed and get them back into the real world outside of the scam. But doing this can also wear you down at times. It is no fun hearing a victim tell you that they sent their life savings to their scammer. It is no fun getting an E-mail from a victim who says they took out a loan so they could send the money to their lover ( the Scammer) and will spend years paying that loan back.
So what keeps me going?
One is that I work with a great team here at Scamsurvivors.com. We all work hard to keep this site up and running and helping victims. Knowing there is a great team of people I work with here makes the work I do easier. But in the end, it’s about helping the victims. It’s about helping those people who have lost everything to the scammers and need our help. Its about posting scammer information so people can find it in a Google search and be warned about the scammer. We do this for the countless victims that we have helped and can post on our website that they are out of the scam and will be ok and those who never will post on our site that we helped them.