Bots on dating sites trying to encourage people to join other sites.

Below is a typical bot message on one dating site that attempts to lure people to another site.  First the original German it was sent in, then the badly translated English version.  How do you feel about this practice?  Should sites be allowed to do this?

hi schönes bild habe interesse an dir bist mein typ

ich selber habe kein profil hier schreibe dir von mein besten freundin aus melde dich bitte bei ( ) an mein nik ( Candy ) die seite ist kostenlos schau dir mein bilder an bitte dann kanst du mich auch wieder hier anschreiben ,, mal sehen ob du auch interesse hast

lg na


hi nice picture have interest in you’re my type

I myself do not have a profile here.  I’m writing you from my best friend from connecting please log in ( to my nick (Candy) the site is free to check out pictures then please can you me here again,, write times to see my if you also interest

na lg