Adsense warning regarding PII.

So we had something of a scare this week.  We had an email from the adsense team claiming we were sending personal information in the ad links.   It’s known as “PII”.  They threatened to shut down our account.  Now, without that account and the money it makes, we wouldn’t be able to run our site.  As you can imagine, there was a major panic at ScamSurvivors HQ over this.  Now, this next piece of information is worth sharing as it can affect other site owners too.  The information they were seeing wasn’t the person’s email address.  It was the email address they had searched for on the forum.  Basically, the link adsense sees is the forum page, plus the email address highlighted as part of the search.  That’s what they were seeing.  Once we worked that out, it was a matter of writing them explaining the situation to get it cleared up.  Hopefully this information will help others who find themselves in the same information.