Month: July 2020

HTTP not so S

We’re often told that if a site starts with HTTPS then it’s secure, but what does that actually mean? In its simplest form, all it really means is that anything you share there, such as information on a form, is protected from being seen or altered by any third parties (think bad guys) on its […]


A few years I was asked to do an interview for the BBC while I was in London. Other than barely making it there on time, it all went smoothly and I was always very pleased with the result. This week I was asked if I would do another interview, and of course said yes. […]

“I may have made him a bear trap, but I didn’t know he’d trap bears with it.”

The title of this thread is of course tongue in cheek, but it does show a growing trend we’re experiencing. Lately we’ve had a large number of people contacting us claiming to have been wrongfully called scammers. We refer to them as “faker makers” as they’re the people who make the fake sites/ID/documents etc. for […]

Some math to get you thinking.

In a recent conversation between Big Al and I, he was telling me about how a co-worker’s wife was about to send a scammer pretending to be Paypal $20. That doesn’t sound a lot, but let’s take a look at some figures. If one person a day falls for the scam and sends £20, then […]

Easy Prey podcast.

I was recently interviewed for the Easy Prey podcast, hosted by Chris Parker who you may know better as the owner of It was a chance to talk about how I started this journey, why ScamSurvivors was created and also to share both some horror stories as well as advice for people who are […]