Why “Survivors”?

This is a question I was recently asked, why do we use the term “scam survivors” rather than “scam victims”? The answer is very simple. The word “victim” has such a stigma attached to it that we avoid using it if at all possible. “Victim” says that the person had something bad happen to them. “Survivor” says that the person had something bad happen to them, they dealt with it, moved on with their life and now refuse to be labeled by it. They beat it, it didn’t beat them. Which would you rather be?

Catcher as catch can.

One of the questions I’m often asked by the media is “How do you get the scammers’ information?” and the simple answer is, I have something called a catcher account. It’s an email address that was specifically created to put out into the wild in order to receive scammer emails. It’s never used for any real life activities, has a fake name and uses absolutely nothing that could ever identify me. Many years ago it was added to a fake “sucker list” and posted online. The only reason anyone would ever contact me on it is because they want to try and scam me. I never use it to initiate contact with a scammer. It’s only ever used to receive emails. The reason for this is to avoid any accusations of entrapment. How successful is it? Judge for yourself. The screen grab below is the list of what emails it received in a single day.

Wanted to share this comment with you.

When someone has completed the steps we give that help deal with sextortion scams, we offer them the chance to leave a comment. This is one we received today, and it shows just how important the work we do is:

I just want to thank all of you behind this page. Because if it werent for you I would probably be getting beat by my ENTIRE family or committing suicide