2019 site stats.

Now the dust has settled on 2019 and our hangovers have finally been shaken off (though some scammers still insist on sending us “HAPPY NEW YEAR” emails), let’s take a look at how we did last year. The results are skewed due to our switching to a Cloudflare account partway through the year, so take these with a grain of salt.

We had over 1,234,000 unique visitors visit us last year. That doesn’t include bots etc. It’s how many actual people we had visit the site. Each person viewed an average of over 6 pages each, and our bandwidth was over 630GB.

As for the threads/posts, here are the stats as gathered by Big Al:

Am I Being Scammed 27 added topics
Blackmail 1067 added topics
419 scams 3309 added topics
Romance 459 added topics
Refugee 27 added topics
Fake sites 78 added topics
Bank Accounts reported 662
Victim warning attempts 1709

Not bad going, right? Here’s hoping that those numbers are even bigger in 2020.