Month: December 2018

More memories.

After posting up about some of the memories from the past thirteen years, a bunch more have come to me, so here’s some more: Having a scammer rant about “The blood of Jesus” and “Holy Ghost fire” for 90 minutes on the phone because he didn’t like Firefly’s accent. Sipping on a freshly opened coconut […]

Thirteen years of memories.

It’s been thirteen years since I joined the antiscam community.  A lot has happened in that time, certainly too much to actually tell the stories.  Instead I’m going to just name the incidents in no particular order.  Each one could be a headline for a story that I may go into in more detail at […]

Translation troubles.

Something short and sweet here.  Let’s just say that some translation software is better than others, as can be demonstrated by this wonderful gibberish when trying to translate a “we put spyware on your PC and recorded you” scam email using Chrome’s built in translation facility: We问候你! I have a good deal. 22/08/2018 – I […]