Month: May 2018

Time to quote some Doctor Who.

Firstly, some quick background.  I discovered Doctor Who at the age of 5, and have been a sci-fi fan for the 40+ years since.  Every year, my wife buys me a Doctor Who calendar for my “office” wall. On a seemingly unrelated subject, a question I’m occasionally asked when speaking to journalists is “Dealing with […]

Oh the glamour of it all!

Sometimes you’ll hear me talk on the radio about scams.  Sometimes it’s a simple matter of being called up on the phone to do the interview, but sometimes I’m asked to go to the local BBC studio.  That’s where the fun starts.  I’ve made no secret of the fact I live in South Wales, and […]

Protection for fraud?

In the last months a lot of articles were published about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the effects on the way the Internet we knew will work after May 25. We are reading “data protection for all individuals”, which means consumers of Internet products provided by companies having an online presence. The […]