Month: March 2018

Time flies.

It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since we paid our 10 bucks and bought the ScamSurvivors name for that first year to create this site.  Since then, so much has happened.  I thought I’d share some of the funnier or more unique stories from that time in this blob post, in no particular […]

Comparing apples to oranges.

If someone had their car stolen, it would be ridiculous to treat them as if they’d been in a car accident, right?  Both involve cars, but they’re different beasts and should be treated as such.  Likewise, if someone is mugged by a drug addict, rehab isn’t where they need to be sent.  The media loves […]

Time flies.

For those unaware of how websites work, here’s a quick rundown of what goes into owning a website.  The first part is the name itself.  This is the cheapest bit as it’s about $15 a year, including privacy protection.  After that, you need to find a place to host the site.  This is where it […]

It’s my new obsession.

With the new server, we have a new version of the file editor that checks for errors in the coding.  You would not believe the amount of time I’ve spent going through pages and fixing the errors that were there.  There was nothing serious, just some silly mistakes, but seeing those red crosses bring out […]