No turning back now.

Here’s a quick update on what’s been happening lately on the site.  The switch to the new server is 100% done, and the old server has been wiped ready to go back to the hosting company tomorrow.  It’s a good thing too, as to do a switchover you need both servers and for both servers to be running the same admin software.  That meant, for one month our expenses doubled.  Still, it’s worth it to have a new, faster server with a lot more space on it.  We were featured in several media outlets this month, and there are more in the pipeline.  One I believe is to be shown within the next few weeks.  We were also a part of the BBB’s study into romance scams, which we were thrilled about.  All in all, it’s been an incredibly busy few weeks here and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon.

Sometimes love just ain’t enough.

It’s almost upon us.  February 14th is Valentine’s Day.   Of course the search for love isn’t confined to a single day of the year.  People join dating sites every day in their droves.  So do the scammers, looking to make money from people whose only crime is the desire to find someone to share the rest of their lives with.  We appreciate that we have so much information on how the scammers work that it can be daunting even trying to find a place to start, so we’ve made it easier to learn the basics.  Our first link is HERE and is a stripped down version with the bare essentials.  For a more advanced version that has examples of scammer profiles taken from dating sites, go HERE.  If you still need more, or you want to post up the details of a scammer, HERE is the place to go.  Stay safe online, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

Of mice, men and moving servers.

It’s been – let’s just say “interesting” moving to the new server.  The things we thought would be hard were easy, and the things we expected to be smooth sailing took hours to fix.  It wasn’t helped by the fact any changes took up to 12 hours to propogate to the DNS servers.  There’s no way to change something and see an instant result.  However, it looks like we’ve managed to get it all working as it should with as little hair pulling as possible.  A huge “thank you” to our friend at aa419 for the help in fixing the niggles we suffered after the changeover.  Things seem to be stable for now, so let’s hope it remains that way.

How Victims have helped.

Here at Scamsurvivors, we often call, text, or E-mail victims and potential victims of scams to warn them they are being targeted by scammers. One of the calls paid off in a huge way a few years ago. I called and warned a victim and asked if they would send me the scammer’s E-mail’s that they received. Luckily, I contacted this victim before they had sent money to the scammer. The Survivor sent me E-mails from the scammer one of which contained a website E-mail address. This website address led to over 20 more websites. Another victim of a loan scam led us to another 186 fake websites. It turned out that all of those websites were created by the same person. At present, that Website maker is responsible for 8 pages of reported scam websites on Scamsurvivors. Here is a link to that group:
Just one case where the information from victims has helped many others from becoming scam victims.

Ooh, shiny!

A few years ago, we moved to a new server.  Our server history was sketchy at best, with one host kicking us off after a DDoS attack that took down the entire node and another that gave us a system with a faulty hard drive that cost us almost a month of hair pulling and lost posts.  The one we’ve been with since then has been great, but we found ourselves running out of hard drive space.  Everything else worked perfectly, but the small SSD drive we had was no longer up to the job.  This weekend we switched to a new server with a much bigger (around 20x bigger) drive.  Other than a few hiccups we’re still working on, everything went smoothly.  Now we have the extra breathing room, we’re finally going to begin doing those projects we’d long promised ourselves we’d do but had put off due to the drive restrictions.  Let the fun and games begin!