Month: June 2015

Would you fall for this phishing email?

I’ll highlight some of the more obvious signs this is a scam, just for the hell of it. From: ALL EMAIL ACCOUNT UPGRADE <> Reply-To: ALL EMAIL ACCOUNT UPGRADE <> Subject: VERIFY THIS EMAIL ADDRESS TO AVOID IMMEDIATE CLOSURE OF YOUR ACCOUNT   To All E-mail Account User. VERIFY THIS EMAIL ADDRESS TO AVOID IMMEDIATE […]

Beware the recovery scam.

Scammers will often pretend to be an organisation able to recover any money sent to scammers.  Below is an example of the kind of email to look out for:   Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Steve Austine, The head of Anti Crime Unit at Economic And Financial Crime Commission.(EFCC). We have 3 criminals here in […]

Beware this “minor” scam.

This is one that’s slowly rearing its ugly head.  It begins in a very similar way to the standard sextortion scam, but they don’t use the video as the threat.  The person is contacted a short time later by someone claiming to be the female’s father.  At this point, they claim that she’s a minor […]

Over 6000.

This morning we hit our 6000th blackmail form.  This doesn’t include people who posted their scammer’s details themselves, emailed us with details or gave them to us in our live help room.  A while ago I posted the fact we’d had 4000 forms in our third year.  Looking at the numbers for the 6 weeks […]

Kinda stuck here.

So I’ve been working on our presentation for iDate in London later this month about sextortion.  It is of course a great opportunity to talk to the dating site industry and get our name out there, but I’ve hit a snag.  Last year, we spoke about romance scammers.  We were able to show them the […]