Month: March 2015

The evolution of the podcasts.

I was thinking about this last night, about how the podcasts have changed over the years.  Originally they were hosted by Dan Cottrell and both Slappy and I would help out with getting scam numbers to be called.  Back then it was purely for the enjoyment of the baiters in the community.  They aired live […]

Happy third birthday to us. Join in the celebrations with a special edition of our podcast.

Oh yes indeedy, three years today I made that small first step by registering the name ready to make a new site.  Three years down the line, we’ve grown and grown into what we are today.  We hope you enjoy this special edition of our podcast made especially for it.  It features interviews with […]

Adsense warning regarding PII.

So we had something of a scare this week.  We had an email from the adsense team claiming we were sending personal information in the ad links.   It’s known as “PII”.  They threatened to shut down our account.  Now, without that account and the money it makes, we wouldn’t be able to run our […]

Checking websites.

If you’re unsure of a site is genuine, put its name in and see what information you get.  The biggest red flag is to see a site with a 1 year registration that has recently opened.