Month: February 2015

Why don’t the dating sites do more?

This subject comes from a recent discussion I had.  Here’s the question.  Why aren’t the dating sites shouting about the scammers?  Let’s create a hypothetical situation here.  50% of the sites openly warn people about scammers there.  How many people would go “Scammers?!  No way, I’m off elsewhere”?  Now, the sites that talk about the […]

Challenges of responding to online fraud victimisation in Australia

Here’s something worth reading from the Australian Government:   Foreword | Online fraud occurs when an individual or a business responds in some manner to an unsolicited invitation received via the internet and suffers financial or other detrimental effects as a result. In 2010–11, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2012) found that over 1.2 million […]

Not all scammers are smart.

Yes, the ones who actually wrote the scam emails are smart, but many of them simply steal the messages from others and use them.  All they’re doing is sending prewritten scripts with no real idea what’s in them and hoping people will respond.  If they get a script they think is better than the one […]

Anyone need a job? $1200 a week!

From Always be wary of job offers with completely unrealistic details like the one below. My Family and i are very happy to let you know that after answering the Question,we have decided to employ you to come and work with us here in North Ventu Park Road, Thousand Oaks,USA as waiter . Your Salary […]