Month: December 2014

iDate 2015 in Las Vegas.

I’ll be speaking at the iDate conference in Las Vegas on January 22nd.  It’s a huge event for the dating site industry and will give us an opportunity to meet with site owners and hopefully find ways to work with them on dealing with romance scams.  If you want to read more about the conference, […]

BBC news articles on sextortion.

We’ve been working with the BBC on this for ages.  It all started with a message to me 6 months ago.  Good to see the finished result at last.  We should also be able to announce another big media article in the coming weeks.


How on earth can a person go to a site called SCAMsurvivors, click on a section on the forum called “refugee SCAMS”, see documents watermarked with “sent by SCAMMER” there and STILL write a post in the thread asking them to contact them believing they’re real?  The really scary thing is that it’s actually a […]

Christmas time. Miseltoe and crime.

When Christmas shopping, beware of the increased criminal activity.  Guard your credit card PIN, don’t leave your wallet or purse in an easy to pickpocket place, keep any presents you buy hidden in the boot of your car and watch out for credit card skimming.  After Christmas, remember that all those boxes you throw out […]