Month: November 2014

What do the scammers look like? A lot less good looking than the photos they steal. has an entire rogues’ gallery of real scammer photos.  Check it out if you want to see what the person talking to you REALLY looks like.  We call them “Mug(u) shots”.  Here’s why.  Scammers refer to their victims as magas.  It means “fool”.  If they want to insult you, then they’ll call you a mugu. […]

It’s amazing the things scammers will send you. Take this illuminati scam email for example:

As the xmas season approaches, we are offering membership to all interested persons. Do you want to become a member of the illuminati and gain all you seek in life, we can give you all you want to acheive in life; wealth, power, fame, influence, popularity etc. Here is a chance for you to achieve […]

Experienced a bad dating site?

Have you had a bad experience with a dating site?  Been billed after you shut your account?  Sent messages from fake profiles?  Had to deal with bad customer service?  Now’s your chance to tell everyone about it.  We’ve created a new site called for people to share their experiences both good and bad on […]

Love at First Swipe?

We had this media request today if anyone’s interested.   Love at First Swipe?   Looking to hook up? Or searching for your soulmate? Are you an online dating app virgin? Or King or Queen of the dating app scene? Do you use online dating apps as a way to meet people? Or do you […]


I had a long chat on the phone today with the FTC, thanks to Marc Lesnick from @idateconference that was very interesting and very constructive.  Hopefully this will lead to making other contacts that can benefit both us and the awareness of scams in the future.