Month: November 2014

One ring scams.

This is a particularly clever scam that doesn’t even need any human interaction.  Here’s how it works.  Your phone rings once, then hangs up.  When you check your last call, it gives a number you don’t recognise, so you call it.  At this point you’ve just connected to a premium rate number and being charged […]

Black Friday deal. 99% off!!!

This Black Friday, you can get a whopping 99% off any help on our site.  Or at least you would if we actually charged for our help.  We at offer free, non judgmental help and advice every day of the week, every week of the year (even Christmas, Black Friday and New Years’ Day) […]

Why do we do this?

I was recently asked as part of a TV interview why I do this.  It’s not as if we get paid for it, yet we give up hours of our time each and every day to help others who’ve been scammed.  I’m sure I speak for all the volunteers on the site when I say […]

What’s God got to do with it?

Many scammers claim to be religious.  Many seem to got to church.  We’ve even seen the test questions and answers the scammers use have terms like “Question – God.  Answer – is great”.  Yet, they seem to conveniently forget the whole “Thou shalt not steal” bit in the Bible.  Let me try to explain the […]

Wow! Just – wow!

This one didn’t even kiss me before trying to f*ck me out of my money. “send me 1000$, i will be with you this weekend and spend 7days…are you interested?” I have of course replied.  More info if and when they write back.