We say this on our sextortion page, in red lettering:

When we say “deactivate Facebook for two weeks”, we mean two weeks.  Not two days or a week, but the full two weeks from the time the scammer last spoke to you at least.  Changing the security settings isn’t enough.  It HAS to be deactivated.

Yet we still get this on an almost daily basis:

[16:17:24] @wayne: you’ve done all the steps at blackmailscams.com right?
[16:17:33] XXXXXX: yes I did
[16:18:33] XXXXXX: I secured my social media
[16:19:52] XXXXXX: although I didn’t deactivate my fb account because I need it because of school reasons
Do we need to put the message in flashing neon lights, 12 foot tall?