cPanel gives me some interesting stats on the people who visit and I thought I’d share these with you.

70.5% of visitors use Windows as opposed to 10.7% who use Linux and just 7.3% who use a Mac.  Roughly speaking, for every one person who accessed the site using a PlayStation, there were over 250,000 that used Windows.  Yet I still took the time to fix a coding error that showed up if you viewed the site on a PS3 after checking it out on my own console and spotting it.

The most popular browser is Google Chrome with almost 50% of all traffic.  Internet Explorer is way down with just 7.3%.  Both Safari and Firefox outdo the inbuilt Windows browser.

Google is the biggest name when it comes to searches, with almost 80x the hits the next search engine (Bing for the record) has.  Even DuckDuckGo beat AOL and Ask.

Right now, the most popular searches involving the people whose photos have been abused by scammers are  Danielle Delaunay, Briana Lee and Janessa Brazil.

Some other random facts.  Chrome users outnumber iPhone users by around 25,000/1.  Google image searches outnumber Bing searches by about 3/1.  The word “scam” is the #4 biggest hit that brings people to our site, double that of the word “scammer”.