This week we appeared in a documentary about sextortion. It’s actually a pretty good one that came so close to being great. To watch it, you can go to

So what was missing? I mean, they talk about the scam, explain how it works, talk about the person who they claim created it, interview the scammers themselves, what more could you want? Let me explain it with this analogy. You take your car to the garage because it’s making a weird noise. The mechanic talks to you about the history of the car, its good and bad points, what things are likely to go wrong with it and then – nothing. He missed out the one most important thing, what to do to fix the problem. There’s the crux of the matter. For all the good the program did (and I actually did enjoy it), it really needed a “what should you do if the scam happened to you” section. Briefly explain the steps needed. That would have made a good documentary into a great documentary in my eyes.