… but quite frankly I can’t. Here’s the problem. I’m finding it harder and harder to keep my passion going for what we do. Is it the scammers? Nope, the scammers haven’t changed at all. The victims then? Again, nope. The problem, and the reason I’m feeling my desire to do this lessen is those who are supposed to be on the same side. It’s the “experts” who deny anything they haven’t personally witnessed. It’s the media constantly ignoring the facts in exchange for a good story. It’s those who think they’re superior just because they’re on the latest bandwagon. It drags you down, and it’s been getting worse – much worse – these past 2 or 3 years. 2018 was the first year I seriously considered walking away and finding something else to do, and here’s why. I’m sick and tired of those people who should be supporting each other but prefer instead to put their own egoes front and centre. This is not what the antiscam community is supposed to be, but this is what it’s becoming more and more each day. The biggest worry is that from experience I see it only getting worse. Eventually it’s going to get to the stage where only a select few voices will be heard, no matter how wrong what they’re saying is. On that day, I’m off to watch cat videos on Youtube or something. Remember, a lot of people do this for no money or desire for adulation. They do it purely because they want to help people. Keep discouraging those, and what’ll you be left with?