Scammers pretend to be anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bank, soldier, politician, government agency or courier company. They don’t care what damage it does to their reputation. Hell, they don’t even care if the person’s even alive. Good looking soldier? That’ll do nicely, even if the picture has come from an obituary. I wish I was making that up, but it’s true. When we receive an email from a scammer, we post it up word for word. If we can find the person they’re pretending to be, we try to let them know. That’s where the problems can arise. A number of times, I’ve received requests to remove information from the forum. Sometimes the requests are polite, sometimes I’ve received screamed abuse down the phone. Remember this though. All we’re doing is copying what the scammer has said to us. Not only what he’s said to us, but what he’s said to tens, even hundreds of other people. Scammers have their scripts that they send out en masse. If we’ve posted an email from a scammer claiming to be a company, many others would have received it too. We’re simply relaying the information so others can be warned. Don’t take it out on us just because we’re saying what the scammer has said. It would be like complaining to your local news station when they’ve shown footage of someone saying something you don’t approve of. They didn’t say it, nor do they necessarily agree with it. They’re only letting people know what was said. Same with us. If you want to get angry at someone, how about the person who said it originally. Don’t bite our heads off, we’re just sharing the facts.