My hand, and how it relates to our sextortion steps.

A fortnight ago I cut my little finger.  No big deal, right?  Oh yes, it’s a big deal.  I managed to slice through the tendon in the finger, and that’s a bad thing.  It’s a VERY bad thing.  I’m told I’ll need an operation and then three MONTHS of physiotherapy.  On top of that, I’m told I won’t be able to drive for 8 weeks.   I’m the only person in the house that drives.  Now I get told I can’t do it for two months.  Take my car away and you may as well cut off my arms.  So what did I do?  Did I try to plead, bargain or argue with the doctor so I can get behind the wheel in 48 hours instead?  Of course not, and you know why?  He’s the doctor and I’m just the poor schlub about to put my finger and the next 3 months of my life in his skilled surgeon hands.  He’s the one that’s repaired thousands of these injuries.  All I have is my single experience to go on.  You want to know what would happen if I tried to drive?  The tendon would tear at the repair and I’d be in an even worse state.  Would you risk it?  So right now my car is parked up and won’t be used until the physiotherapist says I’m able to drive again.  When, and only when they say I’m good to go again will I be starting my car again.  I trust the experts.  So why in the hell do people come here when they get scammed to ask us for our help as experts, then try to argue with us over what we tell them?  Makes no sense does it?