The evolution of the podcasts.

I was thinking about this last night, about how the podcasts have changed over the years.  Originally they were hosted by Dan Cottrell and both Slappy and I would help out with getting scam numbers to be called.  Back then it was purely for the enjoyment of the baiters in the community.  They aired live every Sunday.  As time went by, we were involved more and more.  We even hosted a number of them.  Again, they were 2 hours of fun, but we started calling scammers beforehand and recording the calls so we could play the funniest ones on the show.  Eventually we started adding more serious sections to them, by interviewing people who had been scammed as well as those in the antiscam community.  Eventually the podcasts stopped and everyone moved on.  When we created ScamSurvivors, we  decided to bring back the format, but make them completely prerecorded and only released once a month via YouTube.  The decision was also made to make them shorter.  They almost always followed the same format – the first half would be our talking about the news that had been happening on the site and a serious call with a victim or someone specialising in a particular part of the antiscam movement.  The final half would be a funny call to a scammer.  For our latest podcast, the format changed again.  We had three interviews with people involved in different aspects of the dating industry and a funny call split into two sections between them.  What will the future bring?  More changes I’d imagine.  Hopefully they’ll make the podcasts even better.

Happy third birthday to us. Join in the celebrations with a special edition of our podcast.

Oh yes indeedy, three years today I made that small first step by registering the name ready to make a new site.  Three years down the line, we’ve grown and grown into what we are today.  We hope you enjoy this special edition of our podcast made especially for it.  It features interviews with Elisa Mclean from Queek’d, Svetlana Mukha from and Steve Baker from the Federal Trade Commision.  Of course we can’t do a podcast without a funny scammer call, and this one features what we call an “autochop”.  You’ll understand what it is when you hear it.

The podcast is almost upon us.

Right now, the podcast is about 95% ready.  We have interviews with Elisa Mclean from Queek’d, Svetlana Mukha from Diolli and Steve Baker from the Federal Trade Commision as well as a funny call to a scammer.  Expect a link tomorrow for it.

Adsense warning regarding PII.

So we had something of a scare this week.  We had an email from the adsense team claiming we were sending personal information in the ad links.   It’s known as “PII”.  They threatened to shut down our account.  Now, without that account and the money it makes, we wouldn’t be able to run our site.  As you can imagine, there was a major panic at ScamSurvivors HQ over this.  Now, this next piece of information is worth sharing as it can affect other site owners too.  The information they were seeing wasn’t the person’s email address.  It was the email address they had searched for on the forum.  Basically, the link adsense sees is the forum page, plus the email address highlighted as part of the search.  That’s what they were seeing.  Once we worked that out, it was a matter of writing them explaining the situation to get it cleared up.  Hopefully this information will help others who find themselves in the same information.

Another update on the new podcast.

Today’s interview for the podcast was with Svetlana Mukha, owner of who has a pretty interesting story to tell.   One that may very well shock you.  It’s absolutely worth listening to.  Plans are for it to be released on the 26th, so mark your diaries.