Welcome to Scam Survivors.
We offer free, non judgmental help and advice for those who have been scammed online.

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A recent report states that 556 million victims fall victim to cybercrime yearly, with the direct costs worldwide reaching $110 billion over 12 months.

Scammers will take your money with no cares about what its loss means to you or how it affects you.  You are nothing but a money amount to them - a living, breathing ATM machine.  This is why this site exists.

In 2005 I discovered the world of scambaiting, and soon after began concentrating on helping scam victims.  Along the way I've met some good people who have joined in the fight alongside me on this site.

Our staff have around 25 years' experience in dealing with scammers and their victims, with site helpers adding to that number.

On our forum, people can read about scammers, post their scammer, ask for advice and feel that they have a safe haven.

We also have a live help section, where we offer more immediate advice and one to one help if needed.     This site has three goals, and they're very simple:

To make scammers' lives harder by exposing their details and scripts (or "formats" as they're known) to search engines.

Educating the public, thus removing scammers' sources of income as scams will continue as long as there are victims.

Helping people to see that, even after being scammed, they CAN move forward and things DO get better.

We deal with all kinds of scams, including 419, fund transfer,tax refund,

beneficiary/inheritance/next of kin, hitman, parcel, gold/diamond,

charity, love/romance/catfish, dying widow/widower, military, lottery, secret shopper/work from home,

business/investment/supply invitation, loan, ATM card, tax refund, recovery/compensation, conference,

Craigslist, webcam blackmail, phishing, grandchild/friend in distress and also car wrap.


Any questions about scammers should be posted on our forum.


Fighting 419 scammers and educating people against scams.

ScamSurvivors. No longer a victim. No longer alone.